Your Enjoyment Is Secondary

“I want to try it, to see if I like it, before I commit.”

Is there anything wrong with taking a car for a spin before buying it? I don’t think so. It makes sense to do so before making such a large investment.

There is a problem with this mentality in regards to fitness and I will tell you why. Liking your exercise program comes secondary to the results it produces.

Sure you want to enjoy the place, the people, and have fun, but people are too far caught up with liking it. Liking it is often code words for, “I want something that’s not too hard and just easy enough to get me results.”

It is. You may be arguing in your head right now, but I’ve seen it weekly for 10 years. People want the cheapest, easiest fix for their complex problem and they typically don’t want to have to work hard for it & they want the smallest financial investment possible.

Planet Fitness and the likes are packed with thousands of members. Most of whom don’t use it. Upwards of 80% of Planet Fitness members don’t use their membership. I see a couple people in my office from Planet Fitness every week and they aren’t using it.

Liking it before committing is a backdoor for not committing or doing so in the future. Who doesn’t like easy, comfortable, and cheap? That route unfortunately works for a very small percentage of the population. The rest need accountability and structure.

If you knew the program you were entering into could without a doubt would transform your life and body, would you do it? If it boosted your confidence & made you look and feel better would you do it?

What if you didn’t enjoy the workouts, but it still got you those results? Would you still do it? I’m here to tell you the comfortable workouts that are enjoyable won’t get you there.

Want results? Find a program that requires hard work and where you can’t wait for the workout to end because it’s uncomfortable. There is where the results lay. If you enjoy the misery, more power to you, that’s icing on the cake.

Enjoyment is a plus, but secondary to getting you healthy and fit.

Coach Bryan


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