Why We Start With Personal Training

Let’s face it, starting a new exercise program at a new gym isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it, gyms would be bursting at the seams, and you’d see gyms opening new locations left and right. One might say, “LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc…They’re everywhere!” These gyms strategically locate themselves in densely populated areas with low price points attempting to attract the masses. Truth be told, especially with covid, these gyms aren’t thriving.

We do a good 6-10 consults a week on average and 90%+ of these prospects coming in are currently at one of these gyms and they aren’t using their membership, or they used to go and they quit.

Why did they quit or stop going?

Generally speaking, people don’t know what to do, how to do it, and they aren’t sure if what they are doing is effective.

Without close 1-1 attention, at least starting off, people generally won’t stick with it. The first 90 days are extremely important for long-term success when someone joins any gym. A big step for most people is overcoming the fear of starting somewhere new, amongst people that are seemingly way more fit than they are.

It’s not easy.

Now you’re all on your own to figure it out once you’ve joined or maybe you get an introductory session or 2 to show you how to use the equipment.

Now what?

You can follow an online program from an app, magazine article, or just try your best. Rarely does this workout for anyone. The end result is frustration and the proverbial throwing in of the towel.

Even at CrossFit HSE this can happen in our group fitness classes if someone is brand new to it. Our coaches demo the movements, correct technique, and thoroughly explain everything, but it’s not easy to stick with.


It can get overwhelming rather quickly. You’re around new people, a new environment, where everyone seems to know what to do and they’re all in shape! If you weren’t insecure when you signed up, you might be now. Add in uncomfortable workouts and soreness you haven’t felt in year, one might start regretting ever starting in the first place.

A Case For Personal Training:


After witnessing people literally “crash and burn” in our 30 minute Burn class I decided to start selling personal training first. I always believed it was the best fit for most people to start with, but during consults people generally seemed to want the cheapest solution, which is our Burn class.

We all know that cheaper isn’t better. It’s attractive because it’s less expensive, but it’s really not the best option for someone out of shape, lost in regards to their health, and in desperate need of a lifestyle change.

Does that mean you should spend thousands on personal training and nutrition? It depends, but it’s not necessary. Personal training is more “expensive” than group fitness as is nutrition coaching. It’s personalized.

People that are out of shape and in need of accountability are doing themselves a favor by investing in personal training. It’s a wise investment long-term.

It doesn’t have to be forever either.

We’ll often times prescribe 2-3 months of personal training prior to jumping into group fitness now. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t let a prospect go into group fitness if I don’ think they’re ready for it. It’s a huge disservice allowing someone that isn’t ready to try and save some money by doing a cheaper option they aren’t ready for.

It can be forever.

If having personal training appointments on your schedule and being accountable to a coach keeps you coming to the gym, helps you feel better, increases your longevity overtime, and helps you stick with it, personal training is by all means the best fit for you.

Is it more expensive? Sure it is, but is it realistic for you to continue putting a price tag on your physical and mental well-being?

-Coach Bryan

www.hsecrossfit.com for a free 1-1 no sweat intro

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