Why Vegetable Oils are Bad

I would like to start by giving you a list of fats that you need to remove from your diet TODAY:

Canola oil

Soybean oil

Sunflower oil

Cottonseed oil

Corn oil

Grapeseed oil

Safflower oil

Refined Palm oil

Any hydrogenated oils

Non-Butter spreads (margarine)

I would say the majority of people have no idea how harmful these oils/fats are for your body. You may have heard of Trans Fats, Mega Trans, or Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS), that’s what these bad fats are., they are oxidized fats.  This list of bad fats are in almost every pre-packaged, processed food you can buy. Even foods you think are healthy, like your organic granola or your vinaigrette dressing. Go home and check the labels of your cereal, condiments, peanut butter, sauces and packaged treats. They are in everything. 

If you change nothing else in your diet, let it be this one thing. Let me explain why. 

Fats from animals, nuts, and seeds have a certain molecular bond. When heated these bonds can become damaged. They become so damaged that your body can not use them for energy in any way. The above list are all fats that cannot take the extreme heat used to process them. The heating and processing of nuts and seeds to make oils destroys any nutrients you would get from eating the nut or seed whole, in its raw state. 

Your body needs fat for energy, fat is actually the best source of energy for your body. Your brain needs fat to function, your cells are encapsulated in fat. They need good fat, fat from animals, fish, nuts, and seeds. 

When you consume excessive amounts of vegetable oils, you are consuming toxins, they damage and distort other good fats and prevent essential nutrients and hormones from getting where they need to go inside your body.Toxins that produce an immune response. Just like when you get a virus. Your white blood cells try to rescue and repair the damage that is left behind. This in turn damages your heart. Mega trans fats cause heart attacks. 

There is good news though! There are good fats!! Good fats from the following:

Olive oil

Avocado oil

Peanut oil

Butter (grass-fed)

Macadamia nut oil

Coconut oil

Animal fats (lard, tallow)

Sesame oil

Palm oil

(try to stick with unrefined oils that are cold-pressed)

The moral of the story, stop eating processed foods, stop eating fast foods, and fried foods. 

Eat whole foods, grown out of the ground and from the grass. 

-Coach Bryan


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