What’s a realistic # of PR’s in a year?

Progress is always cyclic and never linear. It’s hard to say how many PR’s you can hit in a year and their are many factors that can go into whether you are progressing your strength numbers.

You may see beginner level athletes progress quicker where the median athlete may find it harder to see numbers change. Most beginners are starting from ground zero when it comes to form, training, and nutrition. The mid level athlete may find themselves in a “funk” or “plateau” and can’t find the reasons why. Here are some factors: training program/volume, sleep, nutrition, coachability, stress, and form. All of these pieces can contribute to reasons why they may not see a PR in months and sometimes years.

The great thing is that most of these factors and can be adjustable and can help the athlete find new ways to get a new PR. Focus on training consistently and reach out to a coach to find to help access your goals.


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