What Supplements Should You Take?

This is a loaded question! It depends right? I’m a firm believer in customization and developing a protocol to reach your goals. You plan, execute, and see if it developed what you were looking to accomplish.

For CrossFit I think there are a few staples everyone should be taking no matter what. Beyond that there are some more you can toy around with to see if it makes a difference.

The bottom line is this: Do your own research in order to make an informed decision and ask for advice. There is a lot of junk out there.

Fish Oil: 3 grams EPA/DHA minimum 3x/week or daily (Quality Matters) You’re not looking for grams of fish oil, you’re looking for grams of epa/dha.

Creatine: 5 Grams per day post workout. My personal opinion is that if you aren’t taking it, you’re missing out.

BCAA: 5-10 grams/day throughout the day. Some like to sip on them throughout the day.

Protein: Go with MRE Lite or a whey protein isolate. If you’re looking for performance or to put some mass on, the regular MRE or a protein that has some more carbs in it is a good choice. I would ask us prior to purchasing.

Vitamin D: You live in the Midwest and you don’t get enough, period. 5000iu/day or 10,000 2-3x/week should keep your levels up.

Zinc: Chances are you’ll be deficient or close to it if you’re exercising 4-5x/week. Zinc boosts your immune system and helps to optimize hormones guys.

Pre-workout: Don’t overdue it. Too much can trash your workout. 200-300mg caffeine, beta alanine, & L-Citrulline are good things to look for.

Other Options:

Beta Alanine: Found in most good pre-workouts. This can help buffer lactic acid and help push a little harder. If you’ve ever had pre workout and your skin started to feel like pins and needles it was beta alanine.



HMB: A by-product of Leucine. There is a company called Blonyx that carries and HMB + Creatine combo I used to love.



General CrossFit Protocol:

Pre-Workout drink 30 minutes prior

Post: 25-40g protein, 5 grams creatine monohydrate (Or Kre-akyln)

Morning: 3g fish oil, zinc, vitamin d

**Additional option for a trial period

3 Grams HMB

10 Grams L-Glutamine (reduce soreness/recovery)

Vitamin B12 (Methylated is best) You can buy injections online or go to https://www.yoodirecthealth.com/ for a bi-weekly or monthly injection to keep your levels up.

-Coach Bryan

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