What Do You Need To Reach Your Goals?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one size fits all program? Well, there kind of is and there kind of isn’t. There’s too many variables in our lives to give a one size all fits program to everyone that walks in our doors. At the same time, we know that CrossFit generally works for the consistent gym attendee, overtime.

Ok, so it generally works, but what variables come into play? Your age, past injuries or mobility, stress, avg sleep/night, nutrition, family history, exercise frequency, hormones, and the list could go on. To prescribe the same exercise program for everyone walking in would be a disservice, would it not be?

The problem I have encountered with a lot of consults is the desire for the cheapest possible option for their fitness and health.. The eyes typically go to the cheapest option and most people coming in are already paying for a $10 membership that they aren’t using. We waste hundreds a month on unsatisfying things, yet we want a $10 health solution.

Cheap doesn’t work. Generally speaking. So what does?

Is CrossFit class enough? For some people yes it is. Assuming the diet is dialed in. An athlete might need CrossFit + Nutrition coaching. Another athlete might need additional personal training to address muscular imbalances, mobility, or strength deficiencies. Our Burn class or our Burn class + nutrition coaching. Everyone’s needs are different to some extent.

What’s truly needed to reach your fitness goals is a mindset shift. Trusting your fitness to someone else who knows what it is going to take, how long it’s going to take and following their plan.

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