Turn Fat To Muscle?

Have you every heard this before: I want to turn my fat into muscle? This has been floating around for decades. There is a fundamental problem with this.

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. One does not turn into the other. It’s scientifically impossible.

If you want to lose fat and build muscle you need to do these 3 things (amongst others)

Check out these 3 Tips:

  1. Eat differently. To get rid of fat, you need to change your diet. There are a myriad of ways to diet, but a few things never hurt: Cutting out sugars (especially added sugars), limiting starches such as bread and pasta (that includes whole grain), and limiting alcohol. We need to get you eating more protein. Somewhere in the ballpark of .8 grams-1 gram/lb of body-weight.
  2. Add resistance exercise. Walking, running, elliptical, swimming ect. are all good for you. They help build aerobic capacity and they help to burn body-fat, but they don’t help build muscle. In fact, if done too much you will have difficulty maintaining and building muscle. Look no further than a distance runner. Not much muscle on these athletes. Resistance training won’t make you “bulky”. This doesn’t happen overnight to anyone and it takes specific work and sets to do so, not to mention genetics and hormones that play a big role. Lifting weights will help you build lean muscle and tone up. More muscle = more calories burning at rest, who doesn’t want that?
  3. Sleep more. Most people don’t sleep enough and it is killing their progress. Aim for 7-8 hours a night. If you can get 8-9 that’s better. Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol and ghrelin/leptin that trigger hunger. Sleep is also when your body repairs itself as well as releasing growth hormone that helps you to recover and burn body-fat. Athletes that sleep 4-5 hours a night generally have difficulty losing weight. When we get these athletes eating better, they in turn end up sleeping better. I have seen a 2 hour per night change, just by us changing an athletes nutrition.

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