Top 10 Gifts For CrossFitters

Every year we get a few emails asking us what gifts would be good to get for their loved ones. Over the years I’ve learned there are some essential things every athlete should have and could greatly benefit from as well as some luxery items. The first 4 are essentials for a CrossFit athlete.

  1. Custom jump rope. There isn’t a one size fits all jump rope. Using someone elses jump rope that doesn’t fit you is kind of like trying to run a marathon in a size 12 when you’re a size 9. is what we recommend. You will need to know their height to get the right cable length. (RX ORIGINAL) They come in different weights. I would get an intermediate for a beginner that is still learning and an ultra for someone that has double unders already.

2. Wrist wraps. These are a game-changer for protecting an athlete’s wrists with overhead & barbell movements.

3. Gymnastics grips. Sooner or later their hands are going to rip. Grips add a good buffer between the pull up bar and an athletes hands as well as adding some extra help with gripping. You’ll want the right size. I’m a fan of a little bigger vs too small or just barely fitting on these.

4. Shoes. For functional fitness, an athlete needs something flat (cross-trainer) with good lateral stability. Running shoes are what people commonly wear into the gym. Running shoes are meant for…running. That’s it. They’re not meant to be squatted in, jumped in, or to be used during weight-lifting.

Weightlifting shoes are a great addition for CrossFit athletes that are committed to the sport and enjoy weightlifting. If an athlete has mobility issues in the ankles/hips, adding a good pair of weightlifting shoes is a great gift. I’ve had my Nike Romaleo’s since 2014 and they still “work”. Don’t go cheap on these, you’ll regret it. I bought 2 cheap pairs before investing in a good pair. These are fairly easy to resell at a decent price due to the fact they get worn inside and for a short amount of time each day.

5. Thera Gun/Hyperice Hypervolt. These tools are great! The best part about buying one of these is that you’ll get to use it too!

6. Gift certificates. Where to?

CrossFit HSE! Rogue Fitness, No Bull, Nike, Reebok.

7. Shirts & Shorts from NO Bull. There quality is top-notch in my opinion. You’ll pay more, but it will last longer. I have 12-15 shirts that are in great condition, some a few years old. I wear them daily.

8. Lulumon. This is my favorite brand due to its quality and comfort. I used to buy a lot of Nike and Reebok. I’ve found that spending extra on quality is a game-changer for me. I have 10 pairs of shorts and a good 10-12 shirts from Lulumon. It’s pricey, but worth it for as much as my wife and I wear athletic gear.

9. Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching. The addition of Nutrition coaching is usually the missing link for body composition progress, as well as performance in the gym. Personal training is a great addition to help an athlete with technique as well as skill progression. A little can go a long way with personal training.

10. Supplements. Protein & Pre-Workout. DM Me or shoot us an email for suggestions beyond what we carry.

We carry Redcon and a few others at the gym.

-Coach Bryan for a free 1-1 no sweat intro with a professional coach.

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