Thinking About It

How bad do you really want it? I’m speaking on your fitness goals and why they are important to you. How badly do you want to look and feel better?

Have you dug deep into why you want to start an exercise program? We all want to look and feel better. Of course there is the health aspect, but if we are really honest, we all want to look and feel good.

There isn’t anything wrong with that. If health is the main goal, that’s fantastic. The good news is, if you commit to a program, the end result will be attaining the both health and enhanced aesthetic appearance.

Maybe you’ve thought about starting an exercise program for awhile now, or maybe you are looking to make a switch. How much thinking does it take to start?

Not much.

Have you ever thought your way out of something? I have many times and the thinking usually involves reasons why I think I shouldn’t. I end up making justifications as to why I shouldn’t rather than why I should and I usually have a long list of excuses.

If the decision you are making is a beneficial thing for you, the pros will always outweigh the cons, but somehow we allow the cons to rule our thinking.

Unless…this thinking gets challenged. Here are a few helpful ways to challenge yourself and to make good decisions based on facts:

  1. Ask a friend you trust for advice on the decision you are about to make. Just don’t ask for multiple opinions. You may get differing opinions and overcomplicate things leading to frustration and confusion. You want to choose a friend that you know will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.
  2. Make a list of pros and cons on the outcome of making the decision. This is my favorite thing to do with people on our consults if they aren’t seeing the big picture. The stark contrast magnifies both sides and it’s far easier to make a wise decision.
  3. Consider your past track record. Have you been at this spot before? If so, what happened? Did you investigate, inquire, and not follow through? Why didn’t you follow through? Are you experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as before? If so, address these and if you need help addressing it, ask the friend from question 1 or we can help. It’s part of our intake process: Book here:

-Coach Bryan


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