The Pillars of Health

Often times we find to over complicate our health. With the approach to improving health and decreasing stress, things can get overwhelming. The most sound advice you can give yourself, “the simplier, the better.”

4 Pillars of Health: Food, Stress, Sleep, and Movement.

Sleep, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and connection to others are 4 of the most important factors to increasing healthy habits. These all may not come easy or at once, but taking it in strides will have a positive impact.

The food you eat is one of the most important pillars to your health. Studies have found that the way you eat not only creates chronic diseases, but it can also reverse those diseases as well. From personal experience, we have seen people walk in the gym and within 4-6 months they were able to eliminate certain medications and ditch the medicine cabinate.

Sleep is a huge factor and it will progressively determine how you feel day in and day out. Sleep is essential for brain function and brain repair. The optimal amount of sleep for most people is about 8 hours a night. Those who regularly sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours are not as healthy.

Our bodies were made to move. Movement can come in many forms. We progressively teach the method of CrossFit, which has been proven to help people become more functional. From the 40 year old Dad who wants to be able to play with his kids to the Mom who never thought she would be able to do a pull up, we have seen many people do things they never thought possible.

All of these things play a part on how we feel and how we can improve lifestyle. Sometimes the solutions are much simpler than we think. And don’t for one second confuse simple with easy, for they are not the same.


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