The Best Time To Start

Have you ever heard the phrase,”There is never going to be a perfect time to do ___________.” We hear this a lot when people are speaking about having a baby.

You have to first:

*Get the house…Save $___________….Have the steady job….Be together for ________months or years first…..The list could go on. I’ve heard it from many people over the years.

There is nothing wrong with having a plan and preparing. That’s smart. A lot of the time people are waiting for the perfect circumstances before making a decision. They are looking for security that may never be there.

This doesn’t mean go out and have a baby tomorrow or next week. Just be realistic in your expectations. Trouble is going to arise and things aren’t going to go as planned. The result is imperfect circumstances and putting off what you set out to do because things aren’t perfect, YET.

This happens with fitness and nutrition all the time:

I’ll start at the beginning of the week, or next month, or even at the first of the year as the New Year approaches.

I’m going to hit the gym on my own first to get in shape, then I’ll start.

I gotta get my work schedule situated, look at my budget, and run it by my spouse.

You want to get in shape, feel better, look better, and be healthy right?

Start today. Action takers get results. They aren’t perfect, but they make progress because they take action.

Thinkers don’t. They think themselves out of decisions, even when the decision is a beneficial one.

Do this: Write a list of pros and cons of starting now vs starting in 3 months.

Next do this: Write down how you think you will look and feel in 3 months if you started now.

At least think it through. What’s holding you back now? Is that thing worth more than your physical and mental well-being? If not, start today.

-Coach Bryan


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