Thanksgiving Tips

We’re almost there!! It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Maybe you’re excited!

Maybe you’re dreading it…

Whether it’s because of seeing friends and family or thinking about how to eat, we’ve got some nutrition tips to help you get through this week intact.


Let’s take an honest look at what moderation is by sharing the following math breakdown from RP Strength. How many days do you really have to blow? Enjoy those and have a plan for the other days.

Enjoying yourself tomorrow doesn’t mean you need to go ham on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday… all the way into Christmas.

The holidays are not “the last six weeks of the year.”

Remember that you can enjoy holiday meals AND still be consistent with your health and fitness.


If you’re planning to trot into Thanksgiving regaling everyone around you with all the things you CAN’T eat, just stop.

Don’t be weird about what you can or can’t eat.

Leave the scale at home.

Same goes for the temper tantrum, food judgment, and lectures on health and fitness.

It really is only ONE day (refer to step #1 again).

Here’s what you can do instead!

  • Be present in all your conversations with friends and family by listening and being thoughtful
  • Spend more time laughing and smiling
  • Make your friends and family think you’re one of those people who gets to eat what they want and still be fit!

Here’s how to do JUST that…


You know you’re going to enjoy yourself, but you don’t want to blow up your diet for the whole weekend and feel terrible about it on Sunday.

Here’s what to do: set some parameters for those days you aren’t spot on with your diet. Here are a few examples, but you can come up with your own:

  • Always include veggies on your plate
  • No more than two servings of mac and cheese this time
  • Fill up on turkey first before cranberry sauce
  • One slice of pie is enough

Not only will these rules help keep you on point this weekend, but they’re also SO much more realistic than “112 g of protein, 25 g of fiber, 125 g carb, 65 g fat… OK, WHERE’S MY SCALE?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THIS, MOM??? HOW MANY GRAMS OF FLOUR DID YOU USE??? WHAT WAS THE RAW WEIGHT OF THE TURKEY???”

“I’m going to put my 2% of healthy on this corner of my plate right here…”

This tip is helpful for your MENTAL state, too, not just your physical state. These guidelines allow you to know you’re taking care of yourself, and, at the same time, you’re being reasonable during one of the few occasions a year we get to spend with our families.

It’s also a fun hack. You set attainable goals for yourself, so when you hit them, instead of beating yourself up, you think, “I did pretty good today!”


That being said, how much should you be eating? Here are some benchmarks that you can take with you anywhere you go!

  • Protein: size of your palm
  • Carbs: size of your fist


We know “pace” is a four-letter word in CrossFit, but when it comes to enjoying your Thanksgiving, it will be your best friend. Here are a couple tips to pace yourself on Thursday:

If you’ve ever heard of the Japanese phrase “hara hachi bu,” it’s a thought that you eat until you’re 80% full. The idea behind this phrase is that we don’t need to eat until we are 100% or 150% full to be properly satiated.

Here’s another way to think about it: there’s a difference between thinking “I’m full” and “I’m no longer hungry.” This nuance can make ALL the difference in how much you actually consume!

This applies tomorrow, also. You don’t need to eat until you’re uncomfortably stuffed for it to be a real Thanksgiving. In fact, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you eat just until you’re no longer hungry.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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