Tammy’s Fitness Journey

I love being able to show up every day and know the workout is set up for me. No guessing if I’m doing enough reps or if my form is correct.  The coaches are always there to help guide me and make sure I am progressing.  The 5:30 crew have become my friends, and I look forward to seeing them as I start my day.

I’ve belonged to other gyms before, but the places I have been successful at sticking to my workouts are sites that give you a plan and help individuals adapt the plan to her needs.  More inexpensive locations get bodies in the door, but I never felt like they wanted to help people find a routine that really improved health.  Crossfit HSE sets up a plan and makes it OK to personalize it according to each person’s current level of fitness.

Outside of the gym I tend to take on too much and have had to learn to say no to some things.  In the past that might have been saying no to working out as often or spending money on food that improves my health, but helping ageing parents and being a role model for my kids makes me realize how important it is to take care of me too.

Thanks for running such a great place! I’m very pleased with everything I’ve learned and the improvements I’ve made.  -Tammy

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