Sticking With It

In life you have ups and downs. Your health journey is no different. Often times I think we enter into a fitness program all fired up and quickly fizzle out due to unrealistic expectations.

The excitement of new goals and being extremely motivated comes and goes from day to day for most people. It’s very easy to lose motivation. We’re fickle people aren’t we? Moment to moment we feel one way or another. It happens to me all the time with work. I get fired up, side tracked, go back to the thing I was fired up about and change my mind.

So, how to you keep that fire burning inside, even when life derails you? The answer is small, short term goals, and stacking wins.

Wins keep you motivated.

Do these 3 things to stick with it:

  1. Set short term goals 1-1 with our staff and book regular follow up appointments for review. We use an in-body machine to measure fat, muscle, and other data to see where our athletes are headed. If you are stacking wins on the in-body machine you bet you are going to stay fired up.
  2. Use personal training to your advantage. 99.9% of the time price is the objection, yet people aren’t happy with where they are at and they’re unwilling to take a calculated step forward to something that will tip the scales to their advantage. Classes are generally programmed and we keep people accountable to their membership attendance. Personal training is an entirely different level of accountability and focus on you. It doesn’t have to be a long-term investment either. Often times a session a week can help athletes reach goals exponentially faster than athletes that don’t.
  3. Forge relationships in the gym. Maybe you’re not a social person, I get it, I’m really not a big fan of big crowds myself. What I do know is that the more people you get to know, the more likely you are to look forward to coming to class. Relationships keep you coming to class when you don’t feel like it. I know people that hate their gym and stay because their friends are there. Take the step towards making friends. If you need help ask. Usually it just takes you introducing yourself to others and the rest is easy after that.

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