Shelby’s Results

Shelby went through our on-ramp program prior to being deployed to California for a year. She contacted me (Bryan) to help her with her training remotely. She’s been doing amazing following the workouts and reporting back. Here’s a snippet of her progress:

I joined not only for fitness, but I also, mainly, joined to help control my emotions and kind of give me a way to decompress my emotions. Knowing that I was dealing with that throughout the day, wasn’t the best feeling.

HSE was a way for me to change that and kind of start fresh day after day. Now, on the other hand, obviously fitness. I wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, tone out, all the above.

That’s exactly what I did. I started between 168/172# (I don’t remember exactly) BUT as of 14 JAN, I’m 150#. Which is huge for me. Being in California and almost everything being closed, dieting has been a major part. However, when I have the opportunity to go to the gym, it’s all out. 


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