Run A Marathon

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This isn’t the type of marathon you are thinking of. I’m speaking in reference to your health and fitness. We live in a fast paced, get it now, your way right away culture. A click of a button, a swipe, and bam! Your order from Amazon is at your door the next day. I love Amazon.

Far too often we have the same expectations in regards to our health and fitness goals. We expect results FAST. This is a false expectation, and it’s really not your fault. We’re marketed fast results with diets, fitness plans, supplements, and so on. Every industry markets this way when you think about it. Nobody wants to wait.

In a hypothetical scenario, think of a person that was in great shape 5 years ago, but they haven’t worked out for 5 years, they’re 50lb overweight, and they’re desperate to get back into shape. One should expect it to take a long time to get back to where they were previously. It’s not going to be an easy hill to climb. It won’t take 5 years, but it may take a good year to get back to that exact point. Maybe longer, maybe shorter, but we should always temper our expectations and be patient.

When we view our fitness as a sprint, we are setting ourselves up for failure. People that start off in a sprint in the gym typically crash and burn. Why? They are sprinting a marathon. Have you ever gone too hard too fast on a workout? It doesn’t go well. Your fitness routine is no different.

Starting off at the gym we need to have the mentality of running a marathon. It’s a long race that takes pacing from the beginning. The finish line is nowhere in sight and during your race you’re not focusing on the finish line, you’re focusing on the minute by minute, second by second race at hand.

My athletes that set long term goals and commit to the process do exceedingly well at CrossFit HSE. They come regularly and trust the process. If you’re ready to make the leap book a free no sweat intro at the link below:

-Coach Bryan


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