Results or Excuses


I’m too old. I don’t have enough time. We are just too busy. I’ll start next Monday. I don’t have the money. I’ll get in shape first, then I’ll start. I’m going to cancel for now, but I’ll be back. I wish you had beginners classes.

The list could go on. I actually had a guy tell me he didn’t have enough time to workout due to his work schedule yesterday, after inquiring about a membership. He works from 8-4.

No lie.

Every single time we do a consult we set goals, identify roadblocks (excuses), develop a plan to overcome, and we ask on a scale of 1-10, “How important is your health to you?”

90% of the time or more it’s a 10 and the person across from me tells me how they’re making it a priority if it’s not.

Yet, months down the road athletes get selective memory. All of the sudden there isn’t enough time.

It’s a lie. It’s just lost priority. We all waste time each day on our phones, televisions, and other meaningless activities. We just tell ourselves we don’t have enough time and it becomes our reality. We believe the lie and we run with it.

Why do some get results and other don’t? They’ve confronted the lie by taking action against the lie.

Every single successful person deals with their own excuses. Every single person that looks the way you want to look has dealt with their excuses and they continue to.

They don’t go away. Excuses are really just self preservation at it’s finest.

So, how do you overcome your excuses? Fact is, we all have them. Here’s 3 tips that work and a few I have used in addiction ministry.

✔ When you are telling yourself you don’t have the time, speak truth to yourself. “Jen, you have the time, stop it.” Sounds weird right? It works.

✔Put it in your calendar. It’s an appointment you schedule around.

✔Tell on yourself. If you want to overcome you need accountability. Go to a coach and tell them the thoughts you’re having. It helps to speak it and get feedback.

If you want help overcoming your excuses reach out. We all have them, we just need the tools to overcome them. It takes practice.


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