Relationships = Success

happy client at gym

There is a saying in the fitness industry : “Gyms are a revolving door.” Meaning 1 person walks in to join and another quits.

One of the biggest reasons people quit is lack of relationships being built. Think about all the places you have frequented over your life where you have stayed or put up with stuff because of a few relationships. I can think of a few currently for myself.

Building relationships takes time and effort. You just can’t show up and stay to yourself expecting people to come to you. You have to put yourself out there! Introduce yourself to people. Come to class a little early and stay after 5-10 minutes instead of jetting out the door.

CrossFit is hard and it’s not easy to stick with for a lot of people. Being uncomfortable isn’t that enjoyable, but it is more enjoyable when you’re doing it with friends next to you instead of strangers.

Build relationships and you’ll stick with your fitness routine for years.

Coach Bryan

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