Range Of Motion

Most of us workout to:

-Lose weight/maintain

-Build lean muscle

-Combination of both

Your time is valuable and you pay good money to be here. We want you to lose weight FAST and build strength & lean muscle FAST.

Achieving maximal range of motion with good form will insure you are:

-Working all of the muscles, not just some. The 2 squats on the right are quad dominant. The far left will recruit quads, hamstrings, & glutes to a greater extent.

-Full range of motion makes you get in shape faster.

Force x Distance ÷ Time = Power (Intensity)

A person doing quarter squats won’t get in as good as shape as someone doing full range of motion squats. Their body (mass) is moving farther up and down, requiring more energy to move the mass + the ball. The result is more calories burned, more muscle built, and greater fitness capacity.

When you workout work on getting full range of motion.

⭐Drop the weight if you can’t get full range of motion. This might look like NOT doing wall balls until you’re comfortable doing full range of motion squats. There’s no good reason to put yourself under a load you can’t move well

A 1/2 push up has never resulted in being able to do a full push up. A 1/2 pull up won’t ever get you a full pull up. 5 good range of motion push ups will benefit you more than 15 quarter push ups.

-Scale the reps down so you get good quality reps.

Quality > Quantity

This might mean not getting the best score. Forget the scoreboard or finishing last. Get good quality reps in and you’ll progress 10x faster.

PS. If you quarter squat we can still be friends.

– Coach Bryan


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