Our Favorite Brands & Healthy Swaps!

My favorite Brands, some for sweets and healthy swaps:

Lindt Dark Chocolate (%85 Dark, %78 Dark for a sweeter treat) Dark chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids, which help your body absorb nutrients.

Quest protein bars (they make a lot of products, read the labels, not all products are clean, but most are).

Super Creamer by KITU, sugar free, tastes delicious, if you like cream in your coffee. You can buy this at Fresh Thyme or order online.

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener and Maple Syrup, sugar free granulated sweetener and they make syrup. You can find this at most grocery stores.

Smart Cakes, these are keto muffins and cupcakes. They are made with egg whites, they have clean ingredients and are sugar free. They taste amazing! You can find these at Fresh Thyme or Health Spot, or order online.

Lilly’s Sugar Free chocolate, they make bars and chocolate chips, they taste like the real thing Primal Kitchen, they make mayonnaise and salad dressings, they are all good and made with good oils, you can find this at most grocery stores.

Rebel Keto Ice cream, this is sugar free, it needs to be softened before eaten Lesser Evil Paleo chips and popcorn, you can buy these at Fresh Thyme or order online MRE Lite Protein by Redcon, we sell this at the gym.

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