Our Class Differences & A Case For Creatine

I often get asked what the difference is between Burn and CrossFit. Burn is 30 minutes and CrossFit is an hour, obviously.


Today we’ll zero in on the energy system below. In Burn class, most athletes won’t be tapping into their ATP-PC (Creatine Phosphate) energy system.
The ATP-PC system (which is the main energy supplier for exercises lasting from 0-10 sec) is working on replenishing the ATP broken down during the lifts. So, the anaerobic energy systems are very important, because they have the ability to provide us with higher amounts in short periods of time.

*Examples: 5 rep max deadlift or a heavy set of 3 back squats. This also occurs during workouts where we will have a combination of heavy deadlifts and burpees as we did last week:5 Rounds5 Deadlifts 275/18510 Burpees
*This energy system is often referred to as the creatine phosphate energy system as well.

*Creatine helps to regenerate a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), your body’s main source of energy. When creatine stores in your muscles are depleted, the production of ATP comes to a screeching halt and your energy is dramatically decreased.

Creatine is the perfect match for performance-based sports that are explosive in nature and that require you to perform multiple reps at high intensity.
A couple of thoughts & questions:

  1. If you aren’t taking creatine, why not? It’s cheap and you have an energy system that thrives on your muscles being saturated with it. Are you missing out? Do your own research prior to ingesting any supplement. I strongly encourage self-education and not just taking my word for it if you’re hesitant. The downside for creatine use is water retention. Women are usually hesitant to use creatine monohydrate due to this fact. How much? 3-5lb is pretty typical. The good news is that creatine draws water from the body to do its work. There is a difference between cell volumization and water retention. Water retention happens outside of the muscle cells.
  2. If you’re in Burn class and you have questions about CrossFit let us know. CrossFit is for everyone, but at the same time, it’s not for “everyone”. I didn’t contradict myself. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will love it. If you’re happy in Burn, stick with it. If you’re intrigued about CrossFit, let’s chat.
  3. Are you missing out by not doing CrossFit? It depends on your goals and always will. If you want to lean out more, build more strength, increase your fitness capacity, and learn new things, it’s a worthwhile investment. If your goals are fat loss and lean muscle gains, Burn will do just that.
  4. How can you train your ATP-PC system? Did you know you had one? Hopefully, you learned something new. You can join body armor or do personal training 1x/week to get some more compound lifts in (squats, deadlifts, benchpress, pressing). If you have home equipment or if you go to another gym you can stick with the rep ranges: 5×5, 5×3, 7×2 etc at 75%-85% for good returns over time.

-Coach Bryan Mcdowell


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