I started CrossFit back in 2008 while living in Quepos, Costa Rica. A guy from California told me about it before I moved down there. The gym we worked out in was called Gynasio Mucho Musculo. It had 2 small 35lb barbells, some metal plates, a back extension, a dip station that had a pull up bar on it, spin bikes, weight machines and a dumbbell set up to 60 lbs. My friend Jared and I started following daily. We didn’t know what a lot of the movements were, so we would have to look them up. Come to find out, we didn’t have a lot of the equipment required. Here were our modifications:

For Rowing: We subbed sumo deadlift hi-pulls for every calorie at 45lb

Kettlebell Swings: We swung a 60lb dumbbell overhead

Wall-Ball: We bought a basketball, cut it open, went to the beach and filled it with sand and duct taped it. It weighed 26lb. We could only throw it 8 ft high because of the ceilings.

Weight-Vest: We used two 10lb plates wrapped in beach towels and stuffed them in our back packs.

GHD Sit Ups: We used an exercise ball or went backwards on the back extension machine.

Rope Climbs: We found a nylon rope. I burnt all the skin off my hands using it, and I never again used it.

Rings: We ordered some and hung them from a tree.

Back Squats: We had to use the dip machine to put a barbell on it. We only went up to 225 because that’s all it could take.

Burpee Pull Ups: Done at the soccer field on the soccer goal.

Handstand Push Ups: We used a towel folded up to support our head, all strict hspu.

Olympic Lifts: We could really only do up 135-185 because we only had steel plates.

Running: We used a tape measure to measure 200m and we would run repeats for 400, 800s, and miles back and forth. Brutal.

In the times we are in now it has brought back these old memories of not having equipment and having to be creative to get workouts in. It’s not as fun as being in the gym and having all the bells and whistles, but it is an opportunity to be positive and make the best out of the situation. Times like this really test how committed we are to our fitness. There is opportunity in our current situation. It’s our choice what we do with it. If our fitness and health is important to us, we will find a way and do whatever it takes to get it in.


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