Nutrition coaching

Supercharge your results in the gym by overhauling your habits outside of the gym.

Why get nutrition coaching?

There are 168 hours in a week. Most people spend less than 3% of their time in the gym. The reality is that a flat stomach is not a function of training.

For most people, the key to building a “dream body” is controlling their eating habits outside of the gym.

Our nutrition programs can help you overhaul your lifestyle and get you results much faster than training alone.

what you'll get:


Your coach will be there to make sure you're staying on track and progressing towards your goals.

Customized Plan

You'll get a flexible diet plan that can work with your lifestyle and schedule, regardless of how busy you are.

Measured Feedback

What gets measured, gets managed. We've built feedback loops into our program, so you know if you're making optimal progress.


If you stay disciplined and follow your plan, expect see-it-in-the-mirror results in as little as six weeks.


Step 1

Book your
Free Intro

Step 2

Talk with a nutrition coach and make a plan

Step 3

Follow the plan. See results.

get results.

Our #1 priority is helping our members achieve their goals.

Tanner Hodson

“I have been attending the Burn class as well as doing the individual Nutrition classes and have been able to lose 17lbs and over 7% body fat. I can honestly say I have never felt better. I look forward everyday to going to the gym and doing the days workout.

Every workout is instructor led and they are all amazing people and even better coaches. They are always in your corner and pushing you harder. If you are looking for a new gym I would highly recommend this place.”

Elizabeth McBride
“I started on July 3rd at Crossfit HSE. My beginning weight was 166.7 and 32.6% body fat. With just exercise I was down to 163lbs and 29.4% body fat. After one month with Missy, I was down to 153.3lbs and 25.5% body fat.”
Nikki Bolinger

“I lost 4% body fat and 13 pounds in the first six weeks working with Missy remotely and implementing her nutrition program. I tried everything before working with Missy; online food plans that had worked in the past, online workouts and more.

I was also eating in the middle of the night, almost every night. I was very frustrated with this habit. I am so glad that I invested in myself working with Missy.”