Nicki’s Transformation

Nicki Roberts Bolinger is working with Missy our Nutrition coach remotely from Lafayette (1 hour away). Nicki started with Missy with the intentions of just doing a month and before the months end she signed up to continue. She has made changes that are producing amazing results and we expect even more from Nicki in the upcoming months. We are so proud of her and the habits she is developing. Check out her experience below.

I lost 4% body fat and 13 pounds in the first six weeks working with Missy and implementing her nutrition program. I tried everything before working with Missy; online food plans that had worked in the past, online workouts and more. I was also eating in the middle of the night, almost every night.😖 I was very frustrated with this habit.I am so glad that I invested in myself working with Missy. She helped adjust my macros (macros are the protein, fats and carbohydrates in your diet and you can eat a certain amount a day depending on facts about you.) I found out that I wasn’t consuming enough fats in my diet and too many carbohydrates. This led to being hungry all the time. Missy switched this up so I would be eating more fats and now I feel much more full through the day and not as exhausted! She also told me that I couldn’t eat at night and that’s all I needed! I love the recipes Missy has given me. I am new at learning about what is good for you (good butter and bad butters,etc.) and what is not. I add in 2-3 new foods or recipes a week and gradually I will have plenty to choose from and foods that I love. Last time I met with Missy I cried because I was so happy with my results, how I have been feeling, her amazing energy and kindness. Thank you, Missy and CrossFit HSE! I will be forever grateful!

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