New Years Fitness

It’s now that interim week where a lot of people are going to make a ton of “resolutions.” It usually means that you’re going to try and commit to making a massive overhaul of your life, and usually accompanying that by trying to go cold turkey on all these things you want to eliminate out of your life.

For a lot of those people, it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable. More uncomfortable than they’re expecting. It’s going to sound like:

❌ “No more pizza, ever.”

❌ “Wake up at 4AM everyday.”

😨”Workout twice a day, everyday.”

❌ “No more carbs.”But for most people – except for the very rare exceptions – that type of massive overhaul of your life doesn’t work.I’d even push to ask you –

Why do you want to make those types of changes?When we set these massive and unreleastic goals, it becomes a chore that we hate to do. Waking up at 4AM the first few days is easy and fun to do, but after a week, we begin to loathe it. Working out twice a day is fun to do the first couple of times, but 2 weeks into that, it is so much easier to pass up on a workout because you don’t feel like it. It’s too much work. It’s too hard.This feels terrible.

We begin to associate these negative feelings with our goals. And this sucks! Usually this also means that we probably won’t meet those goals, and now you’ve got some shame/anger/dislike towards these original goals you set, and it’s about to turn out poorly all-around for you.Here’s the secret.Nobody loses 20 pounds in a month. Nobody masters their meal prep goals in 3 tries.

Nobody becomes this *successful* person in the next 30 days. Nobody just wakes up “happy.”This stuff takes time, and it takes planning. It takes effort. BUT, we can cut a whole bunch of time and effort out, by planning and executing properly on how to meet our goals.It’s about setting those goals, and figuring out why you want those goals. Then we map out all the habits that we have to do routinely do achieve those goals.

Some people can do that on their own – I am not one of those people, I have coaches who help me do this stuff – but most of us need to work with someone to guide us down that path, and then hold us accountable during the time it takes to go down that path. I know how that feels. I know how it feels to set big, lofty goals, go through the first couple of weeks with so much enthusiasm, and then watch your effort just die down. I know what that feels like to not be successful when the structure fails on me, or my own habits and routines didn’t support my goals. I know what it feels like to set goals and not truly understand why I want them.I know how that feels.

So I want to help some people save some time and effort here in the first few months of this new year. πŸ‘‰πŸΌ I’m looking for 3 people who want to feel better and most likely lose some weight in 2022, who aren’t looking to cut out pizza and wine and be unhappy for the rest of their life.

Send me a message if that’s you!

Coach Bryan

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