Motivation Isn’t The Answer

If motivation isn’t the answer, what is?

I’ve read about the topic and handful of times and I’ve seen some great quotes on motivation on bodybuilding social media platforms.

The overwhelming majority lean towards developing discipline vs. depending on motivation. There’s a good post that states one needs dedication, not the constant need to feel motivated.

People start and stop fitness routines all the time. Some, so much so, it’s become fairly normal. I hear it in consults all the time. People have tried gyms all over the place. Orange Theory, Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, and the list goes on. Some are in my office looking for a new membership while they still belong to these gyms.

No lie.

I’ve written on this topic many times before, but after reading a few texts from incoming leads, I felt like it was necessary to address the matter from another angle, because it happens quite frequently.

Someone gets ahold of us from a google search, social media ad, or they go to our website. They then fill out a form to be contacted or they book an appointment. There isn’t much delay from the time they fill out the form until the time they are contacted.

One of 4 things happens if they haven’t booked an appointment:

  1. They respond and book an appointment
  2. They never respond.
  3. They play hard to get.
  4. They change their mind.

Today we are speaking on #4. People literally change their minds within minutes, hours, or in a day or so once they get back to us. For a moment something triggered them to take action, and for one reason or another, they decided they aren’t “ready”.

I heard this today from a woman. She wanted to book an appointment the same day last week and we didn’t have availability. Upon follow up she tells us she wants to wait. This happens with other people too. People will often say they want to wait or they aren’t ready yet.

So, what’s really happening here?

It’s a motivation issue. Something triggered these people to take action. An ad, post, or something they heard or saw prompted them to take the first step in filling out a form to get started. Minutes, hours, or days later they’ve changed their minds.

That initial feeling is gone. It might come back. It might not.

That initial feeling is what drove them to start. That’s it. A feeling.

⭐If you are depending on a feeling to get you started you may never start.

⭐If you are waiting on a feeling to get back into the gym you may never come back.

⭐If you are waiting on a feeling to get you amped up for your workout today, good luck.

We need to stop using the word motivation so much. It’s tossed around like a rag doll. “I’m just not motivated today.” Don’t we get sick of thinking and saying that? This goes for me too.

It’s time we make decisions on facts and be responsible for our health. Motivation is a fickle thing that comes and goes. Dedicate yourself to the process of developing discipline and motivation won’t ever be an issue.

You’ll just find yourself doing it. Just because.

-Coach Bryan

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