Morning Workouts

When we started our gym we structured our classes around times people would be able to come before work, mid-morning stay at home, lunch hour, and after work. One of the biggest reasons for people not starting or quitting is not having the time. We all know this is a lie, but it’s used regularly. The truth is, we make time for what’s important to us.

During our consults people will often comment that the early morning 5:30am or the 6am time is the only time they can make it and they sign up. The 5:30am is often our busiest class. These folks know if they don’t get it in at 5:30am it most likely won’t happen at all. They’re my heroes. It takes sacrifice and dedication to do that on a regular basis. It seems difficult at first, but it becomes a habit and part of your daily routine.

The great thing about making the morning class part of your routine is that it is out of the way. The only thing you really have to battle is your flesh in the morning when the alarm goes off. You have 1 choice to make: Comfort or pursuing your health and fitness, which is often temporary discomfort. Once you’re up and out of bed, it’s pretty much a done deal.

Many of us have families to get back to in the evening or kids sports. So, the morning fits best. I’ve often heard as well from morning attendees that if they don’t do it in the morning they will make the excuse that they are tired or they just want to go home and relax. You see, they know this about themselves, and if they don’t get to the morning class, they will fall into a pattern of rationalizations and excuses.

“I don’t have the time,” for many often times really means they are unwilling to sacrifice an hour of sleep to pursue their health and fitness. It fits their schedule, although they may say it doesn’t, it does. We all have the time, it’s just a matter if we are going to make it a priority or not.

Go to be 30 minutes early and wake up 30 minutes early. Own that time in the morning and do something different for once.

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