Meal Prep Tips

We all know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

This is true in many of the things life throws our way; career path, projects at work, school, and even fantasy football. The same holds true when it comes to how we fuel our bodies. Most likely if you haven’t prepared quality food ahead of time, it is easy to convince yourself that the McDonalds drive-through is an acceptable lunch alternative. So, here are some tips that I find useful when it comes to preparing your own healthy options. Don’t settle for the golden arches!

Tip #1

Use a crockpot/slow cooker. If you are lazy when it comes to cooking healthy meals, then this is for you! Most meals take ten to thirty minutes of prep time, then set it and forget about it in the crockpot for a couple of hours and presto-chango! You’ve got some great food! A crockpot roast with veggies is one of my personal favorites.

Tip #2

Make plenty! Making food for a couple of days will allow you to cook only two to three times per week, which saves a ton of time. In my house, Sundays and my mid-week rest day are my cooking days. Everybody can spare two to three hours per week to devote to cooking.

Tip #3

Meal-sized Tupperware. Each Tupperware container should hold an entire meal. Just grab one of your pre-packed meals from the fridge before you leave home. If you are trying to gain weight, make sure you FILL your meal sized Tupperware. Adding extra food to your Tupperware for the day will reinforce your need to eat and help you get the extra calories you need.

(Side Note: If you need to heat your meal up, transfer it from the plastic Tupperware to a paper plate before microwaving or find a glass storage option.)

Tip #4

Plan recipes. It’s pretty easy to fall into the same meals over and over again. The less interested you are in what you have to eat for the day, the more likely you are to “supplement” your healthy eating with some less healthy alternatives (i.e. break room doughnuts, candies, cake). Buy a few cookbooks, ask your friends, and find your favorite paleo websites. Mixing things up will keep things fun, interesting and more edible.

Tip #5

MAKE TIME! Everyone has a busy schedule and everyone has excuses for why they haven’t prepared their food. Make it as important as brushing your teeth or showering … because it is. Like Coach Missy says – make good choices!

-Coach Bryan

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