Lauren’s Story

Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Buroker🏋

✅What brought you to CrossFit in the first place❓
I loved Olympic lifting in high school. I was never brave enough to try it in the college gyms and lost touch. COVID left me high and dry on my training front and I needed an uplifting community that was face-to-face during a new season in my life. CrossFit checked all my boxes.
✅What was your first impression❓ How has that changed❓ I texted a couple of friends I knew loved CF: “First day at on ramp. Pray for me”. Then 46mins later: “Day one. I’m hooked.” What’s changed is my habits- everything I wanted. I’m in a healthier place: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s been a crutch and a whip in the best way.
✅What was your first “bright spot”❓
Ashamedly: I love the social apps connected. Every first workout being a PR is a great way to change the mindset of comparison game-especially within our self. And as a competitive enthusiast: watch out! fistbump
✅What are you working on now❓ Squat Form. Ernesto gave me homework for range and flexibility. As a runner, my hip flexors are naturally really tight. Plus, I sprained my ankle (in my own time) and have had to be diligent to work through some specific form issues that were created in protecting my ankle subconsciously.
✅What would you tell the old you prior to starting? Start sooner. You do have time time, you just have to make yourself the priority and act upon it.

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