Investing In Yourself

Prior to opening my first CrossFit gym, I was a personal trainer for 2 years. I loved and still do love the 1-1 interaction and opportunity to customize workouts that address people’s needs.

I started CrossFit in 2008 on my own in Costa Rica and I did my first ever CrossFit workout in an actual CrossFit gym in 2011. While living in Costa Rica, I never did Olympic Weightlifting, Bar Muscle Ups, and a handful of other exercises due to lack of equipment.

I excelled at a lot of movements, but my Olympic Weightlifting suffered. My overhead mobility was bad, as was my technique. I video-taped myself and relentlessly critiqued my form using apps that slowed down my lifts. I would go back and execute again, videotape again, and repeat the process.

This went on from 2012 to 2014.

My overhead squat in 2012 was 95lb

My snatch grew from 95lb to 135 and up to 185lb by 2014.

My clean was right around 275, but I could only jerk 225-245 and it was ugly.

I had more or less plateaued. I was stuck at those weights and I had some back and shoulder injuries I needed help with. I didn’t complete a few CrossFit Open’s due to injuries.

So What Did I Do?

I started investing in my progress personally as an athlete.

**I reached out to a friend downtown for coaching. I sent videos and traveled downtown a few times for 1-1 help.

**We hosted a 2-day training camp from Power and Grace Performance. $500/person, 2 days

**We hosted an Olympic Weightlifting Cert $500/Person, 2 days

**We hosted Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Gymnastics Training $500/Person, 2 days

**I went to a Muscle Activation Specialist and a Chiropractor 2x/month on avg $160/month, from 2012-2018

**I paid for programming that addressed my technique and strength insufficiencies. $150+-

**I supplemented, alot. To the tune of $150-200/month

The Result?

While I was never an elite athlete, I did make significant progress from 2012 to 2018 amidst chronic injuries, auto-immune disease, chronic sinus infections, a kid that didn’t sleep, and running 2 gyms.

My snatch went from an ugly 185 in 2014 up to 267lb in 2018.

My clean and jerk went from 225-245lb ugly, to a somewhat respectable 335lb.

My overhead squat went from 95lb in 2012 to a max of 315lb in 2015.

I went from not completing the CrossFit Open in 2012,2013 to being in the top 13 in Indiana in 2017-18 and the top 100 in the world in 2017-2018 in my age bracket 35-39.

My Point?

Not to brag, there were 90 people fitter than me in my age bracket. They have bragging rights, as do the thousands of women and women under my age bracket that destroyed me.

My point in all of this is hopefully to show you the benefit of investing in yourself beyond what you’re already doing. That is if you want to make significant strides, sooner rather than later.

Class format is fantastic and attending regularly works. If you attend regularly you’ll most likely make amazing progress, but you will start to notice skills and lifts you just aren’t getting yet.

What’s The Answer?

While there could be a handful of reasonable solutions here are my top 2 for athletes in my gym or any other gym out their similar to ours:

  1. Personal Training. Hands down the best option. Is it more expensive, yes it is. It is however that best and it doesn’t take a lot of it to reap immediate benefits. I’ve had just a few sessions with athletes result in attaining skills they’ve tried to get for years.

**Is $90-$180/month worth expediting the process for you? You’ll honestly save yourself some big headaches and frustration going this route.

**Do this and trust me: Think of a few technical things with lifts, a few gymnastics movements including double unders and ask a coach to work with you for 30 minutes. Buy 2 sessions and go from there. It will most likely be the best money you’ve spent in the gym since you’ve started.

2. Customized Programming. I love this option for athletes that can’t afford to invest in personal training. I charge $100/week for 5 workouts or $25/day. I gather an athlete’s wants and needs and I program accordingly. This specifically addresses their weaknesses, and if it’s followed 100%, the athlete can come pretty close to reaping the benefits of PT.

Cost difference:

**2 days a week of an hour of programming = $50/week vs. $45 for $30 minutes of 1-1 personal training.

Both work, it really comes down to specific needs, budgets, and desires. Take it from someone who’s been doing CrossFit for almost 14 years, owned 3 gyms, trained 10,000+ hours, and thousands of athletes.

The athletes that add on customization, Pt, or attend a training camp, quickly surpass their peers. Generally speaking ofcourse!

Look at it this way. If you’ve attended your kids sports over the years, there’s a distinct difference in the kids that have had 1-1 instruction vs the kids that just show up every year and play. The kids that don’t practice outside of games fall behind the kids that practice and get 1-1 or small group specialty instruction.

We’re no different. to chat with me anytime.

-Coach Bryan

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