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Can CrossFit make you a better runner? That is a great question, and I think this testimonial will answer that question for you. Eric did our 30 minute Burn Class for quite some time. He wanted to do CrossFit and asked some questions on how to get started.

Part of our mission at CrossFit HSE is to educate our members on how CrossFit can improve their lives. Part of Eric’s life is running and we were confident that Eric would improve his running by implementing CrossFit into his routine.

Without question, running will make you a better runner, but most runners lack overall strength and other energy system training. By filling in the holes in Eric’s training it was just a matter of time before he saw measured improvement.

So what happened? Eric tested his fitness and shaved 10 minutes of his personal best. Eric was already a phenomenal runner, but WHOA 10 minutes!

This is life changing for a runner and not to mention the satisfaction of a goal being crushed.

So, can CrossFit improve your running? If you’re skeptical, the only thing you can do is test it out.

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