I’m The Problem.

This is a tough thing to say out loud, yet think, but it is the one thing you need to say if you want to change. Lack of personal responsibility has plagued humankind since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. Eve blamed the serpent and Adam blamed the woman.

9/10 People that join a gym will quit within 90 days. Upon joining they are excited and there are no restrictions due to time or money. Yet, these are the 2 reasons everyone gives when quitting a gym, mostly coming from being too busy.

Being a former drug addict myself, I had to face the reality that I was the problem and take responsibility for my actions. Nobody forced me to do drugs or drink. It wasn’t something that happened to me that caused it. Living in victimhood never creates change in a human. Only resentment and bitterness.

After I took responsibility for all of the sins I had committed over my life I was able to start working on the real problem.


I was irresponsible, selfish, without discipline, manipulative, and I was an expert at blaming others. Without getting to detail, over the course of a year I became disciplined, responsible, and more selfless than ever before, due to God’s grace. I was at a drug program that provided structure and accountability 24/7. For a year and I stayed another year to further train.

Fitness and nutrition are eerily similar to drug addiction behavior. It’s human nature really that is so similar. People want change, but they want it on their terms. When it gets difficult to make it to the gym the excuses come out. When money gets a little tight fitness gets the Axe. Let’s be honest though, money usually gets tight because we overspent on things we don’t need, that wont’ bring satisfaction, like achieving your ideal body-type.

Drug rehab or regeneration doesn’t happen on an addicts terms. Neither will a fitness program on your terms. A teacher once told us that your very best thinking on your very best day landed you in a year long drug program. It wasn’t a put down. It was them reinforcing that our thinking was out of whack and not to rely on it.

You want to change? Blame yourself for not following through and making excuses in the past. Do this over and over throughout life: Say I’m the problem, it’s me. Your marriage will flourish, as will your job, relationships, and you might just stick it out at the gym.

Taking responsibility is a trait the successful use daily. When you do this you can correct your ship.

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