I’ll Start In January

Procrastination at it’s finest always happens in December. For one reason or another people want to wait to start in January.

January signals the opportunity for a fresh start, but I have bad news for you if this is your frame of thinking. If you’ve put it off this long, you most likely wont start in January. Why? Because you’ve developed the skill of procrastination and excuse making. You have more than likely made the statement a time or two, “I’ll start tomorrow, next Monday, or next month.

But…I will start in January. I have bad news for January planners:

Data from the athletic social networking site Strava reveals that the second Friday in January is the most common day for the formerly resolute to start waving that white flag when it comes to their New Year’s resolutions. That means by Jan. 10, 2020, will be New Year’s quitters. There is more research out that supports upwards of 90% will have quit their fitness resolutions within the first 3 months

So is this all condemnation? No it’s not, it’s just reality and stats support it, but are you different? How so?

Action takers make progress. If they’ve fallen off the wagon on their eating and it’s Wednesday, they don’t wait until Monday to start eating well again. They do it when they spot it or they’ve said enough is enough.

You don’t put off your health and fitness. You can put off doing your laundry or getting your car washed, but not your health.

Start today, not tomorrow. Your future self will thank you. for a free no sweat intro. We’re looking for committed individuals that are ready to take their health seriously. We do and we will give you all the support, resources, and coaching you need to be successful.


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