How Vegetable Oil Causes Heartburn

Do you every get sick after you’ve eaten fried food or fast food? Do you get heartburn or nausea frequently? Let’s take a look at the number one culprit of indigestion and stomach distress.

Vegetable oil gets into the body through your gut. Your stomach produces acid to digest the food you eat and gently move it forward to the digestive tract. The stomach acids help to activate digestive enzymes and kill off bacteria, ultimately enabling us to extract as much nutrition from food as possible. But when there are vegetable oils present the stomach acid interacts with otherwise beneficial compounds in our foods in such a way as to incite oxidative reactions that lead to the formation of MegaTrans fats that cause damage to the stomach lining. Studies on mice have shown that cooking iron -containing foods (meat) in vegetable oil could be an important cause of inflammation-related gastrointestinal disorders including, heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers. To give you an idea of what these foods are let me give you these examples: Fried chicken that is breaded and fried in vegetable oil. Fast-food of any kind. Meat that has been cooked or fried in soybean oil, canola oil, or corn oil, or steak that has been pan-seared in vegetable oil.

Other culprits of foods containing vegetable oil: Pre-packaged mayonnaise, cereals, salad dressings, packaged cookies, crackers, chips, bread, sauces, and soups. Read the label on almost anything that is pre-packaged and you will find vegetable oils on the ingredient label.

Resources: Deep Nutrition, Catherine Shanahan M.D, pg. 166-167

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