How To Stick With It

After doing an average of 40 consults a month the resounding frustration of potential clients is the same. Most people have started and stopped their fitness routine more times than they can count due to many reasons, such as: Not making progress, no direction in the gym, no accountability, boredom, work got in the way, kids sports, or just losing interest.

Quitting becomes easier the more you do it. It can become a habit just like persevering can be. The longer you stick with it, the easier it becomes to stick with it. The tough part about quitting is the more you do it, the more you backslide to your old ways. You get more out of shape than before and the hill becomes tougher to climb the next time you try again, thus making it that much easier to quit again.

Why do some people stick with it more than others? Some people enjoy exercise while other don’t. Enjoyment is huge. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to stick with it. So how do you enjoy something that isn’t comfortable and feels like a drag?

Enjoyment and motivation comes through success. If you aren’t making progress and tangibly seeing results, chances are, you won’t stick with a program. Let’s face it, working out isn’t fun for most people and in order to stick with something that a lot of people feel is drudgery, we need to experience change.

Here are 3 ways to help you be successful and stick with it inside and outside the gym:

  1. Hire a coach. 80% of the people I do consults with are paying for a $10-$40 membership and they aren’t using it. They are unhappy with how they look and feel, they don’t know what to do in the gym or how to do it, and they want results. Hiring a coach is more expensive than your typical Planet/LA Fitness, but you get what you pay for and most people are paying for a membership they aren’t using. A coach will map out a plan for you and hold you accountable to that plan. This is invaluable to your success. Everyone needs a coach. I have a coach I pay $365 per month for a 1 hour phone call. WHY? I need it and it’s worth every penny to our gyms success.
  2. Have regular goal setting sessions every 90 days or so. We offer these, and few people take advantage. Setting a short term goal of 10lb weight-loss, 3-5% body-fat loss, and gaining 2-3lb of muscle within the next 90 days is a reasonable goal for someone starting with us. We can map out a plan based off these goals. For instance: We need you to come to class 4-5x/week, do nutrition coaching with Missy, and we will keep you accountable each month with regular check-ins and In-body Composition Scans. People that do this with us KICK BUTT. Accountability is HUGE. This beats just showing up to the gym to workout without goals or a plan.
  3. Set realistic expectations. I think we are fed unrealistic expectations all the time by media and marketing. Change doesn’t happen overnight. We can make good progress in a few months, but to get where most people want to be might take 6 months to a year or more. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. People that come into the gym and try to sprint a marathon burn our and quit. Expect there to be setbacks. You won’t always be making progress. You won’t always be setting personal records on workouts. Expect to have to work hard and persevere through not wanting to go to the gym. When you have realistic expectations you will be more likely to stick with your exercise program.

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