How To Start A Fitness Routine & Succeed

On any given year I talk with 400+ people face to face in my office, online, through email, or one of our App chats. The stories are all the same, with some minor details being different, but still the same.

So, what is this story?

It looks and sounds something like this:

✔ Planet Fitness/LA Fitness membership they don’t use or they used to (80-90% of the people I see) use it and quit.

✔ They don’t know what to do in the gym. (How to do it the right way to get the benefits)

✔ 15-25lb weight gain, lack of energy, and doesn’t feel good about themselves.

✔ People acknowledge they need accountability & structure

✔ They’re frustrated with their lack of progress and lack of motivation

✔ Nutrition is “awful” or “terrible”

I look at my position in the office as a prescriptive problem solver. I hear the prospect’s goals, past experiences, current lifestyle habits, and prescribe accordingly.

We’re more “expensive” than the big box corporate gyms that sell access at a low barrier entry price point. Why do they do this? They’re going for the volume of memberships, not the quality of service. To put it bluntly, you get what you pay for.

People wanting to find success long-term need structure, accountability, coaching, and community.

A micro-gym like ours is staffed to deliver the things. It’s not a guaranteed win by having these, but without them, you’re pretty much left to fend for yourself. Just having access to use equipment doesn’t work for 90% of the people pursuing their goals.

From experience, the people in my gyms that reach their set out goals put their money where their mouth is. They pay for it. We’re more expensive than big-box gyms. We coach our clients, hold them accountable, provide structured workouts, and fostered a supportive community.

This costs more. Is it expensive? That depends on how important your goals are and how much you value your health at this point. Paying more upfront typically leads to greater long-term success. It has to hurt the pocketbook somewhat. There has to be some buy-in on your end, or else, you’re just settling for what you’ve done in the past.

Settling for cheap access.

Invest in the short term for long-term success. I learned the hard way to buy cheap commercial equipment for our gyms over the years. I’d save $10-20/piece of equipment as we built our gyms, only to start seeing that the money saved was actually costing me more money in the long run. I started paying for the nicer pieces of equipment back in 2015. We still have most of the stuff we’ve bought. The equipment we saved money on would literally last less than a year at times.

Maybe we need to approach our fitness and nutrition the same way? It is our wellbeing after all. Invest in yourself, because nobody else will if you don’t.

Where might you be 6-12 months from now if you did something different and trusted a gym that valued your success as much as you do? Sorry, but the big box gyms don’t care if you don’t show up. They are priced so low that you might just keep your membership in case you decide to use it.

That’s their business model. Cheap access. So cheap in fact you might just keep it for a few years in case you decide one day to use it again.

Do this: Find a gym that cares. Hire a fitness and nutrition coach. Pay more than you ever have. The more you invest financially, the greater your chances are of being successful long-term.

Trust me.

-Coach Bryan

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