How Often Should You Workout?

We get asked this question quite a bit and it’s a good one. Goals should dictate exercise frequency the majority of the time, but as a general rule of thumb I recommend 5x a week.’s programming has always been M-W on, Thursday off, Friday & Saturday on, with Sunday off.

Everyone’s schedule won’t always allow for a routine like this, but we suggest everyone try and make it to class 5x a week. Is more better? No it’s not, but there is also the “not enough.” There isn’t a perfect amount of working out or a one size fits all program.

What we are seeing on a regular basis with our In-body machine that accurately measures body fat and muscle, is people that come 5-6 days a week are consistently losing excessive amounts of body fat and most are gaining muscle at the same time (hard to do!). James Caldwell, a 6 week challenger comes 6 days a week and he lost 12 lb and 5% body-fat in 19 days. He’s one of many. The data is showing that when people come 5-6 days a week they are getting amazing results.

So how often should you come? 5 days a week is the goal. I typically see people doing less frustrated with their progress and it becomes exceedingly easier to throw in the towel when you aren’t making progress. We don’t want that! There are other important variable such as nutrition, which is just as important, if not more, but if you find yourself frustrated, just start showing up daily.

-Coach Bryan


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