Healthy Habits

If you are wanting to change, we have to change your habits. Behavior modification wont work. What does work, is small changes, walked out for a prolonged amount of time.

Without structure, accountability, and community support, nutrition changes are very difficult to implement and follow through with.

Below is a 7 guidelines to get you started. Remember, these are general guidelines and everyone comes into our gym with different needs. In order to get exactly what you need to reach your goals, book a free 1-1 no sweat intro at

  1. Eat mostly minimally processed, whole foods. Stick to healthy options such as vegetables,
    fruit, nuts & seeds, unprocessed whole grains, beans & legumes, dairy products with few
    ingredients, lean meats, fish, shellfish, eggs, & natural nut butters. Add or subtract from this list
    to suit your body and your personal goals, focusing on what makes you feel best.
  2. Plan ahead for meals and snacks. Develop an eating schedule that work for you, try to avoid
    mindless grazing, and don’t get so “hangry” that you select your food choices impulsively or eat
    too quickly.
  3. Drink water as your main fluid – limit alcohol, juice, and beverages with added sugar.
  4. Build supportive environments for success. Set up your environment to make the healthy
    choice the easy choice. Make healthy options incredibly convenient.
  5. Don’t eat your feelings. Learn positive coping strategies without turning to food or alcohol for
  6. Eat slowly & mindfully, sitting down at a table (whenever possible), and listen to your body’s
    natural hunger & satiety cues. Eat until satisfied, not stuffed.
  7. Stay curious, kind, & honest. Build a resilient mindset and healthy habits through consistent
    action, trying to get just a little bit better at a time. Stay positive and kind to yourself (no inner
    bullies here)!


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