Ginny’s 30 Day Transformation

Ginny was our 30 day nutrition challenge winner!
Ginny lost 3.5% body-fat

Tell me why you came in for Nutrition coaching? (CHECK OUT OUR MEMBERS RESULTS & BOOK A FREE CONSULT)

I felt like I was giving 100% during my workouts, but was lacking education in nutrition. I wanted to learn how to balance the two so I could get the most out of my workouts.

What did you learn and change during our time together?

I learned about macros and a lot of nutrition basics. I was shocked to find out I wasn’t eating enough, I had to add calories to my diet!! The changes I made weren’t major changes, but made a big difference. I added calories, switched to grass fed meat and butter, cut dairy, cut carbs, and added a lot of vegetables, protein shakes, and water. One of the more difficult parts of the challenge for me was to add sleep! I was only sleeping 4-6 hours per night, I am now sleeping closer to 8 hours per night. (Huge difference)

Did you reach your goals with sustainable changes?

I feel more educated about what my body needs to fuel my workouts. The small changes that I made provided big results! I was able to lower my body fat and still gain muscle. I am going to continue with the changes I have made. I feel better, stronger, and my complexion has even cleared up!

Would you recommend our Nutrition coaching to others?

Absolutely! I feel like when you are educated it’s easier to stay motivated. Going into the challenge I had no idea what I needed to do, besides eat healthy. It’s easy to get lost in google searches about what is healthy and what you should eat. Missy knows fitness and nutrition, she breaks it down for you to be able to easily understand and it WORKS!

Please share your InBody results, Body Fat percentage lost, muscle gains, and or weight loss!

Body fat percentage went from 25.3 to 21.7

Muscle went from 51.1 to 52.7

Weight went from 124.4 to 121.1


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