Getting Over The Hump

Have you ever felt stuck?  I have.  When we feel stuck we know something we are doing isn’t quite right.  Something is off.  At times we know exactly what it is and at times we need someone to point it out to us.  When people in the fitness realm feel stuck they usually feel depressed, frustrated, and angry.  I’ve experienced it and witnessed it.  The ultimate result is often quitting on goals, only to have to restart them months later once you are fed up again. 

At times athletes are doing well and they feel stuck on a particular movement.  Not quite getting the snatch?  Muscle ups not clicking?  You’ve been practicing double under’s, but you just can’t get them.  Maybe you’ve been exercising and you aren’t shedding lbs like you think you should be. 

Sometimes we avoid things because we know it’s going to be a lot of work and it might cost us time, money, or humility. 

Whatever the case, we feel stuck.  What get’s you over the hump? 

1) Have a plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Ever heard that before?  Successful athletes have a plan and they set out to execute it.  The more detailed you are, the better.  Planning your week out in advance over the weekend is a good place to start, especially if making it into the gym is difficult for you.  

Plan:  On Sunday’s input your workouts into your calendar with reminders.  This is an appointment.  Have your gym bag packed with a protein shake for post workout and if you take pre-workout have this ready to.  You need to develop this habit. As simple as this sounds, if you do it, you will see a drastic improvement in your results in a month. 

2) Ask for help. I do all of paid marketing on Facebook and it’s taken me years of mistakes to figure out what works and what doesn’t..  There are a lot of technical aspects behind the scenes with website integrations and coding ect. ect.  I try to figure it out on my own and when I finally get fed up, I ask for help.   I went to a member Jay that works in computer software last week for help and later that day he sent me what I needed.  Bottom line, I could have saved myself 2+ hours of time by just asking, but I’m stubborn and I don’t like to quit.   

Plan: If you are stuck, ask for help.  Are you not losing weight?  Do you want to get a particular skill?  Are you frustrated or unmotivated?  Just send me a text at 317-677-3698 and we can sit down and chat for 15 minutes or just reply to this email.  EVERY single person that has reached out for help for nutrition or skill work has had success.  You might just need a swift kick in the rear and some encouragement.  Whatever the need, ASK FOR HELP.

3) Put off & Put on.   If you know what is hindering you (you’ve identified it) you have to remove it and replace it, otherwise you will go back to it.  If weekend drinking and overeating is killing your results, we can’t just say I won’t do it this weekend.  You have to have a plan and replace these habits with new habits.   

Put of Put On Examples:
Put off soda, put on fizzy waters with lemon or lime squeezed in.

Put off milk, put on almond milk Put off sleeping in, put on going to bed earlier and waking up to get your workout in.

Put off weekend drinking and eating and put on a Saturday workout or a PT session with a coach.

Put off excuses and put on truth, write it down and hold yourself accountable

We hope this helps.  If you need help REACH OUT by responding to this email.  This simple step of asking for help might be the most refreshing thing you’ve done for your fitness routine.  

Coach Bryan


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