Food for Fuel

Mindset First

What is your mindset toward food and eating? Do you eat when you aren’t hungry? Do you snack because you are bored? Do you only eat food that tastes salty or sweet or is fixed a certain way? Figuring out why you eat what you eat and what motivates you to do so is the first step in changing your mindset about food. You can change your mindset in any area of your life. Even in the way you eat.

Eating to Fuel your Body

So many of us eat out of emotion or pleasure, not out of necessity or hunger. There is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in food, in fact it can be a good thing! But we have to change the way we look at food. You should eat food because it is nutritious and serves an end purpose. You should eat a variety of foods because your body needs different vitamins and nutrients. If you are constantly eating food that serves no purpose or lacks nutritional value, i.e., junk food, then your body is going to function like it’s being fed junk food.

Diesel in a Lamborghini

If you had a luxury sports car would you fill it with low-grade gasoline? Absolutely not! You would fill it with premium gasoline. If you didn’t, your car would not run the way it is supposed to. It is the same with our bodies. If you are filling your body up with sugar and processed foods, it won’t run the way it should. You won’t feel good and eventually it may put you in a diseased state.

Food is fuel

You can change the way you look at food. You can decide at the grocery to pick up a bag a brussels sprouts or a box of pasta. You can say, these marshmallows probably aren’t going to fuel my body as well as an apple. You control what you put in your body. But taking the first step is always hard. If you don’t know what to do to get started, book a FREE Nutrition Consult today and change the way you fuel!

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