I love this definition of flexibility:

  1. NOUN: the quality of bending easily without breaking:”players gained improved flexibility in their ankles”

Have you ever stretched and felt like if you went any further you might snap in half? I have many times. Flexibility is typically the last thing athletes feel like doing. The workouts we look forward to, but stretching….nah we will pass on that!

If there was one thing in class that limits people from performing lifts, gymnastics and increasing their strength, I would have to pick flexibility or mobility. Lack of range of motion inhibits athletes from being able to achieve good starting position, finishing positions, and range of motion requirements. Lack of range of motion will inevitably limit strength gains, as muscle required to gain maximal strength aren’t recruited due to lack of flexibility.

The good news is that this can be greatly improved upon within 30-42 days. Improved upon is the key word here. Not completely fixed, but improved upon. I’ve seen it happen faster and I’ve seen it take longer. The biggest problem is lack of consistency when people start a stretching program. It doesn’t happen overnight and when improvement does come, you have to stick with it.

Here is the program we use at home (my wife more than me) This costs about .50 cents a day. Having a program to follow makes it a lot easier to follow through with.

If you are looking to get better at everything including stretching, book a free no sweat intro at Our coaches know how to assess lack of range of motion and the stretches and exercises to correct it.

-Coach Bryan


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