Fitness Experts to Follow On Social Media

Have you ever come across someone on your social media who inspires you to be like them? Here are some experts that may motivate you to get off the couch and through the gym door.

1) Rich Froning. A Crossfit Legend and four time “Worlds Fittest Man.” He now owns a gym in Cookeville, TN and hosts numerous Train With Rich camps. He has inspired people of all ages to start/continue their fitness journey. He is also a true family man and owns a farm.

2) Tia- Clair Toomey-Orr. Crossfit Games Champion for the 2017-2020 seasons. This chick has dominated the sport of Crossfit for many years and most recently has joined the Australian Bobsled Team. She’s the hardest worker in the room, but also knows how to enjoy it!

3) Steve Cook. An American professional body builder and two time Olympian. Cook is known for posting some fun videos on YouTube as well as inspire you to grow some pecs. He now owns a gym in Utah and provides an app called Fitness Culture Training, which offers a buffet of training modalities to fit your wants and needs.

4) The Buttery Bros. If you just need a good laugh, these guys are great to follow on YouTube as well as Instagram. They’re background is in media and know how to find just the right people to workout with in any city.

5) Dana Linn Bailey. Last, but not least Dana Linn Bailey is pro fitness influencer that will make you want a nice set of deltoids. She offers different workout movements on her Instagram and truly is woman of fitness. Inspiring!


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