First CrossFit Open Experience

With any competition, comes growth, nervousness, excitement, and maybe some anxiety. The CrossFit Open is an experience unlike any other. It not only challenges your body physically, but mentally as well. Not only does the CrossFit Open test grit and stamina, it will test your disappointment and frustrations.

Your judge will “no rep” you on a dime for bad movement. You may miss a PR. You may even not be able to do a workout. These are some of the reasons why the CrossFit Open was developed and tested. On the brighter side, during the CrossFit Open you may gain a PR. Do that first muscle up or even place yourself in a position to go to the Games.

The community support during the CrossFit Open is almost second to none. People who don’t compete will cheer louder than your mom back in high school. It’s one of the coolest experiences you can be a part of in the fitness realm. All in all, the best way to approach the CrossFit Open is with a good attitude. Have fun and be prepared to get uncomfortable.

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