Find a Friend & Increase Your Adherence 34%

Studies have shown that more than 40% of participants drop a fitness course if they attend on their own; however, if they work out with a friend, the drop-out rate decreases to 6%!

34% more fun. That’s what working out with your friends is.

Why is having fun so important? After all, isn’t working out supposed to be a chore?

Not at all. That’s the misconception people have about fitness. Many think exercise is something you have to slog through to get the results you’re looking for.

Where does this idea even come from?

It’s because everything else we want requires a sacrifice (so we think).

  • We have to cut out the donuts to lose weight.
  • We need to work longer hours to get a promotion.
  • We skip happy hours so we can study and successfully complete our degree.

Everything worthwhile in life is delayed gratification… or is it?

At Lobo, we aim to make the member experience as enjoyable as possible. A big part of that is the work out itself (believe it or not!), but an even bigger part of that is the community the coaches who actively help you see results and the other members who work out alongside you.

It’s no surprise that working out with your friends ensures your success in the gym AND makes the time you spend at the gym FUN!

Here are some reasons why working out with your friends is fun:


Let’s get the science out of the way first.

We all know exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins are the chemicals produced by the nervous system that make us happy.

We also groan at this fact, because we’d LOVE to find other ways to release those much-needed endorphins.

Lucky for you, working out with friends offers a lot of endorphin-inducing activities. You’re physically active for an hour, but you also get endorphins from smiling, laughing, listening to music, socializing, and getting cheered on by your friends.

What’s better than endorphins?

More endorphins!


Whether it’s happy hour, a group trip, or game night, we do these activities so we can share fun experiences with our friends. Doing these activities alone is a lot like one hand clapping, and it’s no different in the gym.

Working out with a friend can provide another experience for you to share.

Whether it’s trading weights while doing the same work out, laughing at something funny the coach said, or simply working out together, these are moments that can help you bond and give you memories to talk and laugh about later on.


In the office, this is what we might think of team work.

But at CrossFit HSE, team work is the thing that gets us more excited and competitive than ever!

Here are just a few ways we incorporate team work to make working out fun:

  • Challenges. Multiple times a year, we’ll run movement or nutrition challenges for members to work on together. There’s usually a goal to hit, either every day or for the whole month. Doing these challenges with others helps to get us more engaged. Before we know it, we’ve successfully completed a challenge and can now move WAY better than when we started it.
  • Partner WODs. Once or twice a week, we’ll have partner work outs where two (or more) people get to share the load of work. Not only are you working out together, but you get to communicate and rely on each other to help out. Even on those days you’re not looking forward to a work out, a partner work out can get you excited to move!
  • Competitions. No, no, no–this is NOT what you see on TV. The CrossFit on TV is like NFL for football. This is not what ordinary people do. At HSE, we run community competitions! You typically get to do it with a friend, so not only are you working out with a friend, but you’re pushing each other to do the best you possibly can! There’s nothing more exciting than competing with your friends.

So whether you choose to come here to make friends or bring a friend with you, there’s no doubt working out with friends is exponentially more fun and sure to help you hit your goals.

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