Ditch The Dirty Carbs

I eat well or pretty good…. I’ve done close to 120 consults and thus is the response I’ve received on 80%+-. The other 20% tell me flat out they eat garbage.

While some are worse than others, there is an overarching theme. It’s not pretty good and its typically:

Excessive carbohydrate consumption. Like, in the 70-80% of calories consumed. Some decent carbs, but most are DIRTY:

❌Coke, candy, cookies, excessive fruit, breads, cereals, pizza, bagels, cake, burgers fries….not just once, but weekly.

The goals are all relatively similar. Weight-loss and lean muscle gain.

The answer is fairly simple. Stop eating this JUNK. You know it’s junk, I know it’s junk.

We keep it simple in our nutrition consults:

Ditch the dirty carbs completely

Replace with veggies (colorful variety)

Good fats, ditch the bad (veg oil)

Ditch processed foods

Eat lean meat (fish, chicken, steak, seafood)

Drink a lot of water, no soda.

There’s more, but generally that should Jump-Start anyone eating poorly.

The missing link is Accountability. That’s where we come in. Without accountability and developing new habits, it’s very tough to find prolonged success.

Our Program:

4 sessions x 30 minutes for 1 month will change the way you look at food.


How to shop

How to prepare

What to eat and avoid (and why)

Keep a food journal and weekly go over it with your coach. You’ll develop new habits and be educated, which leads to longevity with nutrition choices.

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