Decrease Soreness

Feeling some soreness? When you do CrossFit, muscle soreness is part of the process.

Don’t be put off by those aches and pains! Instead, learn how to take care of yourself to minimise the impact of your workout.

These tips will help you recover from your workouts faster: 

  1. Stretch daily.
    Even if you’re not hitting the gym, gentle stretching will keep your muscles in good condition. Not sure what works best? Check out this video.
  2.   Get your zzz’s.
    When you’re snoozing, your muscles take the opportunity to repair and rebuild themselves. Put your feet up and make sure you get enough.
  3.  Keep coming in for class
    The best thing you can do for aching muscles is keep moving! This prevents you from   becoming stiff and even more sore.
    If the thought of walking into the gym is giving you heart palpitations, don’t be a stranger! Talk to your trainer about adjusting the intensity while you are getting used to your new fitness routine.
  1. Eat good, clean food
    You’re wasting all that effort if you hit the drive-through after a CrossFit workout. Do some research into getting enough fresh veg, lean protein and carbs to help your body perform at its best.
    Staying healthy doesn’t have to be all about expensive supplements. A balanced, healthy diet that is right for you will do the trick.
  2. Hydrate
    Every drop counts! Staying hydrated helps your muscles recover and keeps your body functioning at its optimum level. Keep up your consumption throughout the day, not just while you train.  CrossFit is not about taking it easy! As the saying goes, “No Pain, No Gain!” However, there is a difference between soreness and injury. You know your body best so if you’re worried you have pushed yourself too far, give your trainer a call.

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