Dave’s CrossFit Story

  • What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?  
    Alison and I were looking for a new gym after our trainer at our previous gym moved out of the area.  In between her moving, and coming to CrossFit HSE, we started going to LA Fitness.  While the access to some classes (spin) were nice, for us, we really prefer the HIIT type workouts and also the near 1:1 instruction that a smaller, private gym has.  So, we knew we would have to continue to look for another option.  We live literally a half mile from the CFHSE gym so when it opened, we drove by and that’s when I looked up the info on line and sent an inquiry and got set up with the 3-class intro session.  

  • My first impression was a good one.  Participated in a few burn classes and really enjoyed the intensity and length of the workouts.  While seemingly ‘short’ in duration, intensity level and actual work you put in is hard–not impossible but definitely challenging in a good way.  My impression that’s changed since is that moving up to CrossFit is not an impossibility but something that is very likely in at some point in the future.

  • What was your first “bright spot”? Eventually, not being sore every day.   Also, feeling better about how I look, understanding the scale doesn’t have to move drastically in order to make big changes, clothes fitting better, getting better sleep, etc… etc…  A lot of bright spots!

  • What are you working on now? Diet, pull ups and one day being able to do a muscle up.

  • What would you tell the old you prior to starting? Diet matters most & also why’d you wait so long to start!

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