CrossFit Is For Everyone

“I’m intimidated to start”. We hear this quite often in our office. It make a lot of sense too. People typically search CrossFit on youtube, they’ve seen it on ESPN or Netflix, or they have friends that do it whom tell of crazy workouts. It’s no wonder people are scared to try it.

CrossFit is universally modifiable and scalable for all ages and fitness levels. It is for everyone. It’s for you. You can’t get in shape to start CrossFit. There is no period of time you can take to get ready to do it.

You just have to start.

We have developed a welcoming community of committed athletes that love to do CrossFit and they love it when new people come. Everyone was a beginner at some point.

The objective of CrossFit is to get you healthy and fit. The people you have seen on the internet or television are the NBA of CrossFit. That’s not what you will experience in your typical gym.

The easiest first step is a 1-1 no sweat intro at our gym. We sit down and get your goals, nutrition, exercise history, and a few other stats. After that, we discuss our options and customize a starting plan for you. We don’t just throw you into class. We have a 5 class on ramp program done 1-1 with a trainer before you enter into class. Some people choose to do more. We want you to feel comfortable with where you are starting.

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