Crossfit and Pregnancy

“In general, for any exercising pregnant woman, we advise
increased awareness and good sense about your body as
well as the environment. Drink a lot of water, then drink
more water; avoid exercising in hot or humid weather;
rise slowly if you have been seated or on the floor for an
extended period of time; and if at any time you feel sick
or hot, have a pounding chest or experience any of the
warning signs to stop exercising, then stop, sit
down, and keep your head higher than your heart level. Be
sure to seek medical attention for persistent illness or injury.
We caution readers not to assume, based on the results of
these two women, that CrossFit training during pregnancy
is advised for any pregnant woman. While these
preliminary results are definitely encouraging, they are not
enough to support the safety and benefits of this level of
training during pregnancy.” By Dr. Cooker Perkins and Hannah Dewalt


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